A Training Program for Deacons


Some Personal Questions for Those Men Considering the Office of Deacon

(Based on material in Acts 6:3 & 1 Timothy 3:8-13)

  1. Do I regard myself as have a good testimony as a Christian, a Christian husband, a Christian father, a Christian church member, a Christian worker, and a Christian neighbor?

  2. Do I manifest the marks of godliness that are an evidence of being “full of the Holy Spirit”? Is “reverence” a primary mark of my character?

  3. Do I possess the sanctified “horse sense” to apply my Christian faith to day-by-day matters of problem solving, stewardship, and interpersonal relations?

  4. When I make a promise, do I keep it? Am I able to keep personal matters in confidence? Is my wife able to do the same?

  5. Am I given to excess in any area of life? E.g., alcohol, spending, television or computer use, etc?

  6. Am I a “lover of money”, or do I use my earthly possessions as a steward so that I might honor God and serve others generously?

  7. Do I have a pure conscience before God?

  8. When I am given a task, do I fulfill the work to the best of my ability? Do I enjoy serving others? Am I willing to take on necessary tasks that I even regard as unpleasant?

  9. Does my wife have a good Christian testimony, i.e., Is my wife known for her reverence, careful speech, moderation, and faithfulness in all things?

  10. Am I marked by absolute loyalty to my wife, so that I can honestly say I am a “one wife husband”? Am I a good husband to my wife?

  11. Do I rule my children and my house well? Do I take the necessary time and make the necessary decisions and actions to do so?

  12. Am I willing to take and make the necessary time to serve conscientiously as a deacon?

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